strategic consulting

In Fernandez, Fromow, Rivera y Asociados we believe that quality processes, training, reengineering and awareness to change, are key to any organization parts, so anto experts in human and organizational development will advise to establish firmly all the projects that the organization required to grow and strengthen.

We offer consulting, training, creation and global systems audit quality.

Energize the procedures for applying economic stimulus programs, solutions to the problems associated with obtaining permits and / or regulations applicable to your organization and collaborate in creating strategic alliances with related institutions.

Furthermore, Fernández, Fromow, Rivera Associates offer surveys for analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organization in between.

competitive intelligence
real estate solutions

The infrastructure investment decisions are the difference between dominating a market or temporarily survive. The permanence in the market are largely a good investment decisions in infrastructure.

What are the ideal points to the creation or expansion of an organization that tends to continuous improvement?

The scope of all the goals of your organization can be done more effectively and efficiently with only find the right place to do business. That is why Fernandez, Fromow, Rivera y Asociados offers advice on development projects of investment in the country and internationally.

Specialists in legal matters and services: Litigation, Comparative Law, Administrative Company

We project the diagnosis of Strategic Planning, Litigation Management always in strict moral and legal framework.

legal services
accounting services

In our company we know that one of the pillars of the success of any organization is the proper management and timely implementation of its obligations.

Our services accounting advice, support the growth of organizations through strategic planning and implementation of the best tax engineering.

The administration experts and support our customers in growing and strengthening their businesses by applying their knowledge in the management and utilization of their finances, promoting growth and sustainable development.

administrative services